Retention Policy for Calendar Items in Exchange 2010

As we all know by now, you can no longer use Retention Policy and Retention Tags on Calendar items in Exchange 2010. So, how would you clean up user’s old Calendar items? Managed Folder saves the day!

Here are the powershell commands to create ManagedFolder and policy:

New-ManagedFolder -Name ‘DefaultCalendar’ -DefaultFolderType Calendar -MustDisplayComment $false

New-ManagedContentSettings -FolderName DefaultCalendar -MessageClass IPM.Appointment -Name DefaultCalendarContentSettings -RetentionEnabled $true -RetentionAction MoveToDeletedItems -AgeLimitForRetention “1”

New-ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy -Name “DefaultCalendarPolicy” -ManagedFolderLinks DefaultCalendar

Set-mailbox -identity johndoe -ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy “DefaultCalendarPolicy”

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -Identity Johndoe

The most important part is IPM.Appointment. I’ve tried other suggestions from technet such as “Calendar”, but this is the only one that works.

Note, -AgeLimitForRetention “1” means one day. So the policy should move any Calendar items older than 1 day from your Calendar to Deleted Items folder.


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